Ask New Zealand to Be Cruelty-Free! 

Animal testing is the beauty industry’s ugly secret, but Humane Society International is leading the largest-ever global campaign to end this shameful practice. Our Be Cruelty-Free campaign was instrumental in making Europe the world’s largest cruelty-free cosmetics zone, and in achieving an India-wide ban on animal testing for cosmetics. But we’re not stopping there.

Exciting update: The NZ Parliament will soon vote on revisions to New Zealand’s Animal Welfare Act. Right now the revisions do NOT include a ban on cosmetics animal testing. But an amendment has been proposed that would insert a ban into the Act. We need your help to make sure this amendment is included in the Bill—for the sake of the rabbits, guinea pigs and other gentle animals who could fall victim to this horrible cruelty.

TAKE ACTION: Ask Parliament to make New Zealand the next country to Be Cruelty-Free by banning animal testing for cosmetics.



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