Ask New Zealand to Be Cruelty-Free! 

Animal testing is the beauty industry’s ugly secret, but Humane Society International is leading the largest-ever global campaign to end this shameful practice. Our Be Cruelty-Free campaign was instrumental in making Europe the world’s largest cruelty-free cosmetics zone, and in achieving an India-wide ban on animal testing for cosmetics. But we’re not stopping there.

Up next: New Zealand. With its animal welfare legislation currently under review, New Zealand is positioned to become the next country to ban cosmetics animal testing. But we need your help—for the sake of the rabbits, guinea pigs and other gentle animals who could fall victim to this horrible cruelty.

TAKE ACTION: Ask Prime Minister John Key to make New Zealand the next country to Be Cruelty-Free by banning animal testing for cosmetics.



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Dear Prime Minister,

I urge the Government of New Zealand to join the European Union, Israel and India by banning animal testing for cosmetic products and their ingredients.

Public opinion overwhelmingly favours such a ban, and the success of hundreds of cruelty-free companies like LUSH and JASON is proof that animal testing isn’t necessary to produce safe, innovative and profitable cosmetics. These corporate leaders refuse to test their products on animals, or to use new raw ingredients that have been animal-tested by supply companies, relying instead on thousands of already-available ingredients with histories of safe use, together with modern non-animal testing methods. There’s simply no excuse for any company to continue testing cosmetic products or ingredients on animals.

The review of New Zealand’s Animal Welfare Act provides the perfect opportunity for your country to join the global cruelty-free revolution and set a positive example for others to follow. I urge you, Prime Minister, not to miss this opportunity to score a win for animals, consumer safety, and your country’s reputation. The world is watching. It’s time for New Zealand to Be Cruelty-Free.