Harp seal

Thank the Russian Federation for Saving Seals

Recently the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, and Belarus passed a historic ban on trade in harp seal fur -- the main product of the Canadian seal slaughter.

This is a major victory for seals. Russia was a primary market for Canadian seal products, and already, an order for 100,000 baby seals skins has been cancelled because of the ban.

But with the Canadian government vowing to reverse the ban through diplomatic pressure, the fate of hundreds of thousands of baby seals hangs in the balance.

Please help us show the political leaders in the Russian Federation, Belarus, and Kazakhstan that the world stands with them in their efforts to protect defenseless seals from a horrible fate by sending a message below. Be sure to edit your message so it stands out.

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I am writing to commend the historic decision by the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan to ban your trade in harp seal fur. This crucial legislation is already helping to save hundreds of thousands of defenseless seals around the world from a horrible fate.

Canada's commercial seal slaughter is the world's largest slaughter of marine mammals, and involves a level of cruelty that no thinking, compassionate person could ever accept. Not surprisingly, most Canadians oppose the slaughter, and support foreign nations prohibiting their trade in seal products.

The 27-nation European Union, Mexico, Croatia and the United States have all prohibited seal product trade for animal welfare and conservation reasons. Now, your actions have inspired Canadian parliamentarians to consider ending the seal hunt for good.

I cannot thank you enough for the compassion and leadership you have shown on this issue.