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We were recently called in to rescue a severely injured hyena we named Ravi. He ­­had fallen into an all-too-common death trap in India: an uncovered well. We got him out, but the well was deep and Ravi’s injuries were extensive. He later died. India's open wells take the lives of countless animals like Ravi with alarming frequency: in the past year alone, we’ve rescued leopards, bears, owls, reptiles, and many other types of animals. We don’t yet have the exact fatality count, but it is likely in the thousands. And human beings are in danger as well — they also fall into these wells, which are often dry and can be more than 60 feet deep.  

The open wells in Pune are of particular danger to Indian leopards, a threatened species nearing extinction. Please sign our petition asking the District of Pune Collector to take measures to cover or fence off the area’s wells so that people and India’s wild animals — some of which are endangered — are not further jeopardized. Although we cannot bring Ravi back, we hope that his death — so unnecessary — brings awareness to this extremely serious issue. You may change the wording of the letter below to reflect a more personal message.